Welcome to Masonic Jewels, home to all your Masonic regalia and Lodge supplies. We carry traditional items as well as personalized items for anything that fits your needs.

Masonic Jewels



S & C Camo Hat   $15.00

Mason Black Hat   $10.00

S & C Black Hat   $10.00

S & C with Gold on Bill   $10.00

Mason Mesh Hat  $10.00

Mason Beanie $10.00
Past Master Beanie $10.00
 Scottish Rite

33º   $17.00
Coming Soon
 Order of the Eastern Star

OES Black Hat  $10.00

OES White Hat  $10.00

OES Blue Hat  $10.00

Shrine with Patriotic Bill     $17.00

Shrine Black and Gold with Patriotic Bill   $17.00

Shriner   $10.00
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